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Let a Non Profit specialist take care of your information technology systems or help integrate you to the cloud.

Running or working for a non-profit organization means you have more important things to do then spending your time fixing technical issues. You can count on us to help make your work day easier and more efficient! If qualified we can use our decades of experience with working with non-profits to utilize opportunities such as Techsoup™ to help lower your cost on your hardware, software, networking needs, and more!.

Over 20 years of non-profit computer service and Technology management

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Managed IT Services

Support for Office 365, accounting software, websites with Content Management Systems (CMS), and more!

Remote Support

Our independent consultants can log in remotely to quickly resolve your technical issues.

Computer Management

We offer a broad range of support from desktop computer, servers, cloud network collaboration, and more

Network Security

Our independent consultants, free from the internal demands of traditional firms,

Backup Service

There are many ways you can unintentionally lose data on a computer.

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