Data Backup

Data backup is the single most important thing that should be done on a regular basis. There are many ways you can unintentionally lose data on a computer. A child playing the keyboard like a piano, a power surge, lightning, floods, and sometimes equipment just fails.

  • Bank records and other financial information
  • Digital photographs
  • Software you purchased and downloaded from the Internet
  • Music you purchased and downloaded from the Internet
  • Personal projects
  • Your e-mail address book
  • Your Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Your Internet Explorer bookmarks

Use the built-in Backup utility in Windows. If you're using Windows , you can use the built-in Backup utility to help you make copies of files, settings, or everything on your computer. You can even use the utility to back up certain files on a schedule that you specify.

You can automate the process as welll.

How much of your business relies on the stability of your computing technology?

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